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Benjamin Carrier

Interaction designer and generative artist

From Montreal and living in Nantes for the past 5 years, I am an interaction designer passionate about new form of interactions.

After a master's degree at L’École de design Nantes atlantique in 2019, I cofounded Piko Studio where I develop interactive installations. I also create generative pieces that I publish on Instagram. Finally, I give workshops at L’École de design Nantes atlantique and I produce a series of generative art tutorials on Youtube and Skillshare.

Passionate about digital art, interaction design, interface and prototyping, I have worked with Lucion MédiaToboggan Design, Collectif 404 and Conserto.


Created for the call for projects in art and technology by Stereolux, La Gaîté Lyrique and Electroni[k], Spectre is an interactive installation in which visitors are invited to pass through. While they move between the tubes, the change in the electromagnetic field caused by the movement changes the light intensity. The goal of this installation is to show the invisible waves around us. In addition to the design, wrote a technical spec sheet and established a production budget.


  • Arduino



ECHO is an interactive screen at the junction of art and technology that provides interactive and generative visuals that can be placed anywhere. They are interactive but do not require touching of the screen itself, it uses infrared sensors.


  • TouchDesigner
  • Kinect


Living connections

Creation of visuals for Lucion Media, collaborator on the Living Connections project by Moment Factory. At the beginning of the project, experimented and developed interactive visuals that changed with the weather, the mood of the city and the activity of #mtlmoments on Twitter.


  • Processing
  • After Effects


IoT project, the Detonacube is a two-player game where the goal is the defuse the bomb before the end of the timer. Each face of the cube has a puzzle that needs to be solved by the first player while the second player has a tablet with the instructions on how to solve the puzzles and tells them to the first player.


For my master’s thesis and my end of studies project, I worked on the use of robots for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. The project started by findings in social robotics that showed that robots were mostly used in commercial context to attract attention and not in contexts useful for the users. Given the peculiar characteristics of the robot like sparking emotions and engaging easily with people even if they are not used to computers or phones, I decided to address the different problems people suffering of Alzheimer and their caregivers are going through and how the robot can give more autonomy to the patient. Iko is the final robot that resulted from the research and the end of studies project.


  • Robot


Ent(r)er is an interactive installation where the visitor is brought to the virtual world through the pixelation of themselves in front of a green screen. It was created for the open house of l'École de design Nantes Atlantique.


  • TouchDesigner

Generative Art

This is a few of the generative art pieces I produced over the years. I work on generative visuals as well as interactive installations where the visitor is part of the artwork.

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  • TouchDesigner
  • P5.js
  • GLSL
  • Projection
  • Processing

Newton's Wars

Newton’s Wars is a space shooter game where the gravity of the planets changes the direction of the bullets. Phaser.js library is the game engine and everything from the game mechanics to the old school graphics and the multiplayer online with a Node.js server was created from scratch. The animation at the beginning was created using Tweenmax.js.

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Created for the IxDA Student Challenge on the theme of quality education. The idea behind this project is to use robots as telepresence devices to make varied and quality education available anywhere in the world. The robot offers an alternative to the usual online class by being more captivating with its movement like a real teacher in a class, by offering the possibility to follow a class with multiple students in the same room and by making interactions with a distant teacher more natural.


  • Nao
  • Framer


Absence is a project that suggests a rethinking of our position of human as a form of anomaly for an AI. This installation acts as a virtual assistant that helps by correcting your pictures from anomaly and actually removes the human. This project was presented for the digital section of Pica Magazine.


  • p5.js
  • GLSL

Mapping experiment

Audio reactive mapping experiment on a small scale model.


  • Millumin
  • After Effects
  • Resolume

Mapping Castelbajac

Proposal of mapping for a fashion show by CASTELBAJAC. Project executed in a one-week workshop between scenography and interaction designers.


Interview for l’École de Design Nantes Atlantique about my motivations and my years at the school.

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Designers are usually comfortable with the technical dimension of their projects, but much less with the economic dimension. Design is in the heart of the development of many products and services, but what is the economic impact of design? What is the return on investing in design? Finally, what opportunities are there for designers with a better economic knowledge.

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The Anomaly to be Anonymous

How generating anomaly to fool computer vision programs and learning algorithms can help us keep our privacy and anonymity.

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